AgUnity and VaultID Partnership Provide Vital Services for PNG Agricultural Sector During COVID-19

  • Alliance between mobile-app providers VaultID and AgUnity has been forged to enable continuity of the blockchain enabled, supply chain for the agricultural sector during COVID-19; a huge win for overstocked farmers with goods to sell.
  • The creation of a digital identity combined with blockchain solutions for stock and finance enable access to capital and critical services desperately required by the last mile farming community.
  • Immediate deployment of this joint service will benefit agricultural sector stakeholders, investors and partner organisations wanting to conduct pilot projects in developing regions.
  • As the industry sees agile supply chain solutions on the blockchain being fast tracked to meet immediate demands; now is the time to get involved.

VaultID applications include assisting people who do not qualify for financial inclusion due to lack of identification through digital Know Your Customer (eKYC) verification process (; LinkedIn); AgUnity applications addresses issues of poor connectivity, a lack of digital literacy, transparency and trust with a simple blockchain-based smartphone solution (; LinkedIn).

Enabling the on-boarding of consumers for the financial and corporate sector through traditional KYC/ anti-money laundering (AML) software systems enhanced with bio-metric image, document scanning and in-government official witness attestation, VaultID users who were previously considered  ‘unbanked’ or ‘under-banked’ can now access financial products.

The exciting partnership with AgUnitys’ award-winning global technology platform means real empowerment for thousands of organisations working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals  to connect the ‘Last Mile’ in anticipation of a rapid growth period for the businesses of the world’s 2-billion smallholder farmers.

AgUnity has just launched ‘AgUnity Response’; an initiative to support governments and countries where national food supply chains have been impacted by COVID-19. Already active in 8 countries, including Papua New Guinea, AgUnity Response is gaining significant traction and has just been awarded the ‘OpenIDEO Business Pivot Challenge’ with a cash prize and business support.

AgUnity CEO, David Davies states “We have a realistic goal to reach over 100-million farmers and their families in the next 5 years. The COVID-19 restrictions are limiting farmers’ access to markets for purchase and sell products, their produce does not leave farms, resulting in food loss. Using our digital platform together with VaultID’s Identification solutions, farmers can continue to transact while avoiding close human contact, safe from infections”.

Further, Davies states "Today, e-KYC for farmers is more important than ever, so we are delighted to work with VaultID allowing us to strengthen the digital identity solutions in our portfolio of farming tools.”  

Jason Edwards, VaultID CEO states:

"AgUnity as a company are visionary innovators and aligned strongly with VaultID values, to this end we are extremely excited to be involved in this joint venture with the expected outcomes of creating a viable and critical solution for struggling farmers."

Further, Edwards states; “VaultID is perfectly positioned to assist not only the financial sector but also any industry that requires validation of their customers to simplify their KYC/AML requirements. We see the partnership with AgUnity moving towards a tremendously successful future and are enthusiastic to contribute constructively to AgUnity’s offering."

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