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Achieving compliance with international regulationS, like EUDR,
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smallholder cooperatives CHALLENGES

Smallholder farmer cooperatives are the backbone of agriculture in many developing economies.
However, they face significant challenges that hinder their growth and productivity:


Struggles to access global markets result in farmers facing unfair prices and unstable livelihoods due to local market volatility.

Operational Inefficiencies

Reliance on manual processes and outdated systems leads to waste, logistical challenges, and reduced profits.

Access to

Difficulties connecting with financial services and secure transaction platforms limit investment opportunities and risk management.

No Digital Information

The shift from paper to digital is hindered by inefficiencies in data management and decision-making processes.

Compliance Demands

Obtaining necessary compliance data from smallholder farmers in developing markets is difficult.


OF digitisation

Digitisation offers a transformative solution to these challenges.
By leveraging digital tools, cooperatives can unlock new markets, streamline their operations,
and meet the stringent requirements of global sustainability initiatives.

By embracing digital solutions, smallholder farmers and their cooperatives can streamline their operations, enhance transparency, and meet the stringent requirements set forth by global sustainability initiatives.


At the core of AgUnity's mission is a commitment to data sovereignty. We believe that farmers and cooperatives should retain full ownership and control over their data. This principle guides our technology development and deployment, ensuring that the benefits of digital transformation are equitably shared among all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain.


address these challenges

AgUnity's digital transformation journey is designed to empower smallholder farmers and their cooperatives with the tools they need to thrive in a digital economy.
Our approach includes:

Digitisation of Farmer Records

Transitioning from paper- and Excel-based systems to centralized digital records, enhancing data accuracy and accessibility.

Supply Chain Traceability

Implementing end-to-end traceability to ensure sustainability and compliance with global standards, like the EU's Deforestation Regulation and the US Forest Act.


Providing tailored support to navigate the complexities of international sustainability and deforestation laws, safeguarding against potential income loss.

Field Data Collection and Analysis

Empowering farmers with real-time insights through our AgUnity Field Apps, enabling informed decision-making and improved agricultural practices.


We offer a holistic suite of tools and services designed specifically for the needs of national governments, cooperatives, and smallholder farmers:

Our solutions are built to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure compliance with environmental and sustainability standards.


Simple yet effective solutions for smallholder agricultural value chains.

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Data Farm

Our AgUnity Data Farm leverages cutting-edge cloud and blockchain technology to secure every bit of data, ensuring integrity and trust in all our digital solutions.

Field Apps

Our mobile applications connect field agents and farmers with crucial resources, simplifies the recording of transactions and processing steps, and promotes continuous learning in the field.

Co-op Manager

This web-based platform offers comprehensive tools for efficient member management, streamlined reporting, and dynamic content delivery, centralising administration in one easy-to-use interface.  


This platform connects buyers and suppliers with a focus on quality, traceability, and sustainability, contributing to more efficient and profitable agricultural practices.  


Our state-of-the-art traceability solution, bringing transparency to the supply chain. Coupled with a robust data exchange platform, it informs smarter business decisions, fostering a culture of transparency and efficiency.  

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Versatile solutions for all stakeholders of the food supply chain.

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Make your money while providing real impact for thousands of smallholder farmers in emerging economies.

Unions & Cooperatives

Enhance your cooperative's efficiency and compliance with AgUnity's freemium digital solutions. Solutions for streamlined operations, data management, and EU regulation compliance.

NGOs Working in Emerging Markets

Collaborate with AgUnity to drive digital transformation in agriculture. Empower smallholder farmers, support sustainable practices, and contribute to global development goals.

Corporates Sourcing from Emerging Markets

Ensure sustainable and compliant sourcing through AgUnity's digital platform. Enhance supply chain transparency, sustainability, and traceability.

Governments of Emerging Countries

Partner with AgUnity to advance agricultural digitisation and sustainable development. Facilitate digital transformation initiatives, comply with global sustainability regulations, and enhance national agricultural productivity.

Our platform substantially reduces the cost and risk of establishing operations in emerging markets, while providing quality data to measure the return on investment or impact of projects.


All our client journeys start by configuring the AgUnity Co-op Manager for local business needs and farmer registration.

Establishing a single source of truth for important business data is a critical first step along the successful path to digital transformation for any organisation, regardless of their goals.

Configure value chain
Register farmers
Digitize Farming Data
Demonstrate EUDR Compliance
Gather GPS data
Register farmer transactions
Validate farmer transactions
Track processing
Label batches
Manage farmer certification data
Manage organisation certifications
Digitise Certifications
Gather production data
Share relevant training & information
Share benchmarks
Create input marketplaces
Provide other digital services
Continuous Improvement


The Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU) has made significant strides in digital transformation, transforming how they manage data for close to 600,000 coffee farmers. This shift from manual, Excel-based systems to a comprehensive digital platform has not only streamlined operations but also enhanced trust with buyers and stakeholders.

Dejene, the General Manager, highlights the transformative impact: "It makes our work easy... It's changing our life. It is life-changing." Dejene also shares the profound impact of digital transformation, "Digitalisation is everything, everything. Now our world is changed."

This digital leap forward is not just about compliance with regulations like EUDR; it's about empowering farmers and ensuring the sustainability of their livelihoods through improved efficiency and market access.


Strengthen Your Cooperative with AgUnity's Solutions for a Sustainable and Compliant Future.

we can transform agriculture.

The future of farming is digital. AgUnity invites national governments, cooperatives, and stakeholders in the agricultural sector to embark on a transformative journey toward a digitally empowered, sustainable, and equitable future for smallholder farmers.  

By partnering with AgUnity, you're not just adopting innovative digital solutions; you're investing in a future where agriculture is more productive, sustainable, and inclusive. Let's work together to overcome the challenges faced by smallholder farmers, ensuring they remain at the heart of our food systems and benefit from the digital revolution.  

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