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AgUnity's Commitment to Smallholder Farmer Value Chains

Peter Horsten

Empowering Cooperatives for Global Sustainability

It was an honour to present AgUnity's vision at yesterday's British Coffee Association's webinar on the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), hosted by Paul Rooke. The audience's engagement and insightful questions reinforced our shared goal of enhancing compliance and advancing digital capabilities within agricultural smallholder farmer value chains.

This event also marked the first official announcement of our freemium solution – a pivotal step forward in our journey.

The EUDR Challenge: The Start of a Sustainability Journey

As awareness grows, it's clear that the #EUDR is just an initial step in a series of upcoming sustainability regulations reshaping the landscape for companies operating within or through the EU market. Unfortunately, smallholder value chains are facing significant challenges, with large corporate buyers hesitating due to concerns about non-compliance fines.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Indeed, the path to EUDR compliance is complex, but that is not a sufficient excuse. At AgUnity, we're committed to supporting smallholder farmer value chains through this transition. We stand ready to assist, not withdraw, recognising these farmers and their farmer organisations deserve our continued partnership and commitment to purchasing their produce.

Our Commitment to Agriculture: The AgUnity Suite

Our efforts extend beyond coffee, addressing the unique needs of various crops and regions. Over the past years, we have developed a suite of solutions:

  • AgUnity Co-op Manager: Enhancing cooperative management with a platform that enables digital member registration, reliable reporting, and improved operational efficiency.
  • AgUnity Field Apps: Mobile tools that simplify daily tasks and gather field data, leading to more insightful decisions. These Apps will be used to gather the so needed GPS locations of the farms and will be used for compliance control in the field.
  • Cropslist Marketplace: Connecting farmers directly with buyers, opening new commerce opportunities.
  • Tracingly: Ensuring supply chain transparency, making traceability accessible and straightforward through a centralised data exchange.

Discover Our Digital Pathway: View the Full Presentation


A Freemium Model for Cooperative Growth

In solidarity with cooperatives and unions, and to decrease the barrier to entry, we offer the AgUnity Co-op Manager and Field Apps at no cost. This ensures that essential EUDR compliance features are accessible to all.

Implementing Solutions: Beyond Plans to Action

Our approach at AgUnity is not just theoretical; it's already in action. Among others our collaboration with the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU) in Ethiopia, supported by the International Trade Center under The Netherlands Trust Fund V, demonstrates our tools' real-world impact.

The AgUnity Suite: More Than Compliance

While EUDR compliance is a critical driver, our digital solutions aim much higher. We're not just digitising for the sake of regulation. Our broader vision is to unleash a wave of innovation that elevates yield, quality, and income for farmers. By digitising smallholder value chains, we're opening doors to improved agricultural practices, better resource management, and more informed decision-making.

This commitment extends beyond mere regulatory adherence. We're dedicated to enabling a sustainable future for agriculture through digital tools. Our envisioned digital transformation will create a pathway for two-way information flow, effectively addressing the existing digital divide and correcting the power imbalance. Such an approach not only ensures compliance but also fosters a more equitable and informed agricultural community.

The feedback from the British Coffee Association's event only underlined the importance of our mission. We're on a path to not just answer compliance measures but to transform the landscape of agriculture, making it more sustainable, equitable, and efficient.

Joining Forces for Widespread Impact

With increasing interest from NGOs, we are positioned to digitise smallholder farmer operations globally. With over 50 million smallholder farmers to onboard, the scale of our joined endeavour is vast, and NGO support can accelerate the progress.

The engagement of commodity exporters, traders, and brands is also crucial, as they stand to benefit from the data collected. We invite these stakeholders to join us in this digital transition.

The Financial Reality of Innovation

However, innovation on this scale involves significant costs. From product development to cloud hosting – a conversation we anticipate with partners like Microsoft – to onboarding and supporting cooperatives, the financial implications are substantial. We welcome any financial support, whether for enhancing our solutions or onboarding new cooperatives.

Expressing Gratitude and Looking Forward

I am thankful for the opportunity to share our mission and engage in meaningful dialogue at the British Coffee Association's event. We are committed to a future where agriculture thrives through digital means.

Thank you to all who participated in the conversation. Your engagement is shaping a digitally empowered, sustainable agricultural future.

The recording of the webinar will be available soon.

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