AgUnity is a global technology platform empowering thousands of organizations working towards UN Sustainable Development Goals to connect the last mile. 


The AgUnity smartphone and operating system is a technology ecosystem that provides people living in, and working with, the last mile with practical, accessible tools to connect with each other and establish effective lines of communication and an ethical, accountable means of trade.

AgUnity assists Service Providers that are delivering products or services related to SDGs with an innovative, cost effective solution to reach new users. Our suite of solutions allows you to easily promote your offerings to last mile users and communities, through a remotely managed, practical, and accountable online platform.


AgUnity substantially reduces the cost and risk of product or program roll out in remote areas.



AgUnity provides rugged smartphones 

with a range of functions that are specifically designed and developed to solve real last mile problems.


Our unique low literacy UX & UI provides a suite of relevant tools that are comprehensive for first time users. AgUnity is relevant and accessible for last mile people's digital skills.

Remote support
Centralised, remote management eliminates costly support for servicing users in remote areas. Interaction and engagement with your users is now a breeze.

No signal? No Problem. Cached, encrypted transactions resolve issues in rural and remote areas. Our applications are designed to run independently without network barriers.

Securely record trading, shared use of equipment, finances and more on a dedicated, blockchain ledger.

User ID

User Digital Identity securely links all applications for a seamless experience.



Service Providers including banks, micro-finance, crop insurance, commodity buyers, NGOs, co-operative and other organisations working with the last mile can leverage the AgUnity Connect Store and benefit from the following services: 

Deploy your products and services in a cost-effective manner thanks to AgUnity's powerful Digital Identity KYC.

Leverage the platform to connect with local groups to help administrate service provision for remote end users.

Improve decision making based on up-to-date, relevant data on last mile user requirements

Enhance studies and strategies by analysing consumption trend and behaviours data recorded in rural communities.

Dramatically increase your risk management accuracy based on quality data of last mile user multi asset credit ratings.

Develop better communication between your organisation and users for public relations, service provision and customer care.

Post useful information to last mile user and local organisations you work with through the integrated knowledge center application.

Generate detailed reports about the communities you are engaging with, and understand the true impact of your services.



AgUnity is regularly recognized for our leadership in shaping the future's solutions for the global last mile people.

Highlights of some of the awards we have been granted to date...

AgUnity was awarded the prestigious  ‘Excellence in Finance  Companies’ award for contribution towards the financial sector at FiNext Conference 2019, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 2019.

Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture has emerged as a global authority on sustainable food production, driving innovation through exhibitions and conferences across the world.

At FAC Global Agripreneurs Summit the most promising ideas and ventures are selected on an international level. AgUnity was awarded ‘Agripreneur of the Year’.

Mekong Agritech Challenge awards companies with outstanding technology solutions with high potential to advance agriculture. AgUnity won first prize with its blockchain platform.



1.8 billion people around the world live in  poverty, in part because of their lack of digital identity and access to basic services.

​Meanwhile, finance, insurance and other services struggle to bridge the gap between their offerings and the last mile's rural and remote communities.

AgUnity works hand-in-hand with its partners and clients to provide a viable means to reach the last mile people and lift them out of poverty.

We do this by ensuring access to relevant, impactful functions and services in a way that matches their needs

and their digital skills.



AgUnity is available on mobile smartphone, tablets, and desktop applications. Our solutions include customised applications that ensure your program is made available in a user-friendly format for its intended audience. We also offer IOT and remote connectivity solutions as well as rigorous methodologies for field testing new applications prior to deployment.
Service Providers 

We provide comprehensive solutions for micro-finance institutions, banks, crop insurance and others

SDG Related

We help to connect NGOs, Agencies, Philanthropic Funds and companies with SDG focused programs

Buyers & Traders

We provide value chain solutions for Commodity Buyers, and Traders, Farmer & Fisherfolk Cooperatives

AgUnity R & D 

AgUnity has integrated ‘living laboratories’ at our pilot projects running in Ethiopia, and Papua New Guinea. 

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