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traction to date

Our global technology platform is powering a diverse range of organisations building resilience for food supply chains and opening the doors to a market of over 2 Billion users in emerging economies. This is why you should invest.

Winner FinTech For Good Hackathon 

Angel & Seed 1 Investment

Published by IFC World Bank & Mastercard Foundation

escaVox Contract Woolworths project (US$ 400k)

Expo Live Sponsorship
(US$ 100k)

5th & 6th pilot CTA Contract
(US$ 70K)

AgUnity COVID-19 Response Launched

Winner of Startup Avalanche (US$ 235k)

USAID Virginia Tech University study in Kenya (US$ 62k)

Creates AgriUT Foundation
and Utility Token

apr 2016
sep 2016
nov 2017
apr 2018
nov 2018
feb 2019
mar 2019
jul 2019
sep 2019
dec 2019
mar 2020
sep 2020
dec 2020
mar 2021

1st pilot in Kenya

2nd pilot in PNG

MyOrigins Wool
Traceability Platform

Winner FAC Global Agripreneur of the Year Award

Seed Round 2 investment 
(US$ 460k)

4th pilot WFP 
(US$ 82.5k)

1st Prize
World Blockchain Summit 

7th pilot Agriterra contract
(US$ 50k)

AgUnity V3 Deployment in 5 countries

Fairtrade International Contract for Uganda, Ethiopia, Indonesia & Columbia (US$ 350k)

SAFE Note Investment
(US$ 400k raised)

Revenue FYE 2021 (USD)
Live or completed projects
Farmers on-board
Immediate Market
Co-operatives on-board
Worldwide Addressable Market
Capital Raised (USD)

“For me Agunity has a viable path to becoming a Unicorn combined with an ethical and social purpose. This makes it rewarding in multiple ways, both as an early stage investor and in being part of the team that is a force for good.”

Alex Mckillop
Angel Investor, Venturebuilders

“Impressed by the strategic vision and nimble agility of the AgUnity team, especially over the last couple of months as they make monumental decisions which we believe will lead to massive social impact & great financial returns.”

Andy Lower
Founder of A Different Approach to Poverty
Los Angeles USA

in summary


AgUnity has developed proprietary products to address specific challenges in emerging markets. Lack of trust and digital literacy, low or no-connectivity and limited remote support are among the issues that affect over 2 billion ‘last mile’ users.


These products are designed to enable organisations working in emerging markets to connect with these users. These include commodity buyers (traceability), banks & insurers (user base), product supplies (new markets) and NGO’s & Aid Agencies (achieve UN SGDs).

Business Model

AgUnity has a phased business model, initially focused on acquiring users to the network, then transitioning towards a pure ‘Product’ company. Currently, the majority of revenue is derived from consulting fees. We anticipate moving towards a subscription and transaction fee model over the next 24 months. 

Revenue Streams

Subscription Fees

$1 USD

(per user per month)

After preliminary trial period, farmers and co-ops pay $1 per month to use the platform.

Commodity Transactions


(of traded value)

% of transaction value from aggregators or buyers of global commodities.

Transaction Fees


(per transaction)

of value transaction through the AgUnity platform.

Insurance & Microfinance


Interest & Premium

Revenue share from third party providers.

Banking Transactions


(per transaction)

Nominal fee for banking partners.

growth strategy

Where we will be by 2026

operating in

30 countries

*Please note: these are projections only based on AgUnity’s growth strategy, mentioned in our Investor Memorandum Document of 2021.


10 million users

in app

supporting management

10,000 co-ops


1 million AgUnity phones

for last mile communities


9 million transactions

per day

*Please note: these are projections only based on AgUnity’s growth strategy, mentioned in our Investor Memorandum Document of 2021.

Executive Team


Founding CEO

Founder of 2 successful startups, 10+ years in senior roles in global investment banks (Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros, Standard Chartered).



Former Vice President at Nomura & Lehman banks, designing enterprise-grade transaction platforms.



8 years in ICT leadership roles and over 10 years in the food retail sector and sustainable development programmes.



Amazed by technology, Peter studied electronics; inspired by people he graduated as a sociologist.


Program Director

More than 15 years of experience consulting for international development agencies and NGO’s for large scale projects.



30+ years of international corporate and small business experience leading process re-engineering, custom IT solution, and media projects.

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