YBF Ventures selects AgUnity as finalist for best AgriTech Pivot with AgUnity Response


UPDATE: AgUnity was voted #1 in this category!

Mark your calendars, the Online Startup and Innovation Awards are presenting their winners during a special online ceremony on September 16th. Presented by YBF Ventures, a company that provides world-class co-working spaces in Melbourne and Sydney, as well designing and developing innovation solutions for large corporate clients.

The Online Startup and Innovations Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate the startups, scaleups and global leaders that are innovating during the COVID19 pandemic-induced crisis of 2020. With a range of prestigious sponsors including the City of Melbourne, Lander and Rogers, Melbourne Connect, the University of Melbourne, Tyro, Lucidchart, Wrike, DIF Victoria, UK Department of International Trade, OVHcloud, and the University of Tasmania, as well as a number of high-end community partners, the awards are already shaping up to be a great success despite the difficulties posed by COVID-19.

Due to the combined efforts of VBF Ventures, their sponsors, and their partners, the opening for applications was extremely popular. When sign-ups closed on the 21st of August the OSI Awards ended up receiving applications from counties all over the globe, from countries including; South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, India, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Russia, Turkey, the USA, Serbia, Italy, New Zealand and Australia. In fact, with so many applications coming in they had to add two extra categories: “Best EduTech Project, Product or Pivot” and “Best COVID-19 Wearables”, in order to adequately include all the great projects that applied, bringing the total up to 14 categories over all.

These 14 categories covered in the awards are:

1. Best Global Leader During a Crisis

2. Best COVID-19 Social Impact

3. Best Launch/IPO/Capital Raise During a Crisis

4. Best Australian Collaboration During a Crisis

5. Best International Collaboration During a Crisis

6. Best AgriTech/FoodTech Project, Product, or Pivot.

       (Don’t forget to vote For AgUnity here)

7. Best AI/ML Project, Product, or Pivot.

8. Best BioTech/MedTech Project, Product, or Pivot.

9. Best Cybersecurity Project, Product, or Pivot.

10. Best Fintech Project, Product, or Pivot.

11. Best LegalTech Project, Product, or Pivot.

12. Best PropTech Project, Product, or Pivot.

13. Best EduTech Project, Product, or Pivot.

14. Best COVID-19 Wearables.

With 56 finalists spread over these 14 categories, it goes to show the level of innovation and creativity that has been harnessed to face the COVID pandemic and while there is only one winner per category, it is truly heartening to know that there are so many people and projects out there that are able to work together in crisis and provide the world innovative means to get better and improve.

So, make sure you tune in on the 16th of September to find out which 14 of the incredible 56 finalists are declared the winners of the YBF Ventures’ Online Startup and Innovation Awards. In the meantime do not forget to submit your vote for AgUnity and all the other finalists you support by clicking the link below.


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