Crypto Altruism Podcast - Using blockchain to build financial inclusion for smallholder farmers and 'last mile' communities


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In this episode we are excited to be joined by David, Antonio, and Nurvitria from AgUnity and AgriUt.  We discuss how blockchain can build greater financial inclusion in last mile communities and support smallholder farmers.

David Davies is the founder and CEO of AgUnity and two other successful startups. David brings with him more than 10 year in senior roles in global investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros, and Standard Chartered.

Antonio Grasso is an italian blockchain influencer who has recently join AgriUT team as an Advisor. Founder and CEO of Italian startup Digital Business Innovation Srl, Antonio is regarded as one of the top digital transformation influencers and researchers on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and sustainability.

Nurvitria is AgUnity’s Program Director with more than 15 years of experience consulting for international development agencies and NGO’s for large scale projects.

About AgUnity and AgriUT

AgUnity is a global technology platform empowers thousands of organizations working toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals to connect with ‘the last mile’ farmers and communities. This customised smartphone & OS solution serves as a technological ecosystem; providing the people living and working with remote food supply chains with practical, accessible tools to connect, establish effective lines of communication and ensure an ethical, accountable means of trade. In 2021, the AgUnity team created AgriUT Foundation as an independent charitable entity to complement the AgUnity smartphone platform for smallholder farmers.

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