An Australian impact startup is developing an innovative transaction system for farmers in Ethiopia.


GOLD COAST, 26-September-2019 — Australian based AgTech startup AgUnity Pty Ltd  (, which operates worldwide as a pioneer in smartphone technology application, providing poor and remote farmers with a new secure and auditable trade technology, announced an agreement on a technology development with CTA, a joint institution of the ACP-EU who has a mission to advance food security, resilience and inclusive economic growth in Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific through innovation.

In  Ethiopia, 12.5 million, 6.5 million and 2.5 million farmers are involved in the production of respectively cereals, pulses and oil seeds. In those sectors, the estimated 7,195 member cooperatives have limited involvement in output marketing, and those engaging on output oftentimes experience losses and poor track record. Enhancing market access and accelerating growth in agricultural productivity remains the primary area of focus for CTA. “Our recent research shows that Ethiopia stands to benefit greatly from the expansion of  digitalisation of agriculture services. With five million current users  of these services, we are confident that our partnership with AgUnity  will positively impact a large proportion of farmers, increasing market access and contributing to improved livelihoods,” says  Michael Hailu, Director of CTA.

AgUnity will develop an ICT-driven Operational Management Information System  (MIS) in cooperation with Agriterra. The MIS will operate data collection and analysis, communication services and reporting generation for the oil seed commodity clustered around the  Tsehay Union from the Amhara region in Ethiopia, including farmers,  cooperatives, unions, business and service providers partners.

The  AgUnity team will take full advantage of its experience developing technology in remote and rural areas to deliver this solution. There will also continue to be a strong focus on a Human-Centred Design (HCD) approach to provide beneficiaries with a solution that is easy to use and matches their level of digital literacy. "Ethiopia has great potential for farming innovation in Africa, and we are very excited to develop and deploy our solution in collaboration with Agriterra," says Angus Keck, COO at AgUnity.

AgUnity is currently raising investment and this collaboration with CTA and Agriterra highlights an important milestone for AgUnity as a major player in the industry. For additional inquiries and information, contact us by email:

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