AgUnity Selects CryptX Wallet


AgUnity, a social enterprise leader in using blockchain to support sustainable farming and rural communities, has chosen to work with CryptX Wallet to handle their asset management and remittance services in support of their mission.

AgUnity and the AgriUT Foundation are improving the well-being of smallholder farmers in developing nations by providing technological infrastructure and modern communications that prioritize security and reliability.

Created in 2016, when co-founders John Freeman (in person) and David Davies (supporting virtually) participated at a Hackathon in London, AgUnity rose to Singularity University’s challenge to present and develop “the biggest world-changing idea.” Their project consisted of a low-cost smartphone and a safe transaction record system powered by blockchain to tackle financial and digital exclusion for remote rural communities. Five years later, AgUnity is now an award-winning technology provider, integrating remote farming communities into global supply chains.

AgUnity went another step further in helping smallholder farmers by creating the AgriUT Foundation this year to complement the AgUnity technology platform. The AgriUT Foundation created the AgriUT Utility Token, which is used to “reward” farmers for the products that they grow. This token-incentivized system increases farmer income while adding a layer of transparency to the supply chain serving millions of international consumers. Their innovative reward platform is at

CryptX Wallet has been providing enterprise-grade wallet services to businesses that manage crypto assets for the last three years. Its highly secure and efficient interface allows companies that accept and disperse crypto payments to easily manage their funds. For organizations like AgUnity, CryptX Wallet offers features like transaction batching, which allow multiple operations to be sent as one transaction with one fee, thus lowering costs. Senders can also set their fee amounts according to the speed of the transaction. CryptX Wallet also provides detailed transaction logging so you can track, edit, and cancel pending transactions.

CryptX Wallet is part of the CryptX family. Other products and services include Cryptal Exchange, CryptX Terminal, and CryptX IQ, which offers white-label and custom blockchain-based fintech solutions.

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