A Message of Hope from our CEO


Pandemic 👉 Medical systems overwhelmed 👉 economic impacts of travel bans 👉 economic and social impacts of no social contact & social distancing.

What does this all mean? We cannot predict the future but we do know this unprecedented disruption to the economic, social and spiritual system of our planet is going to require a strong, calm and agile solutions-based approach from both business and community leaders like. AgUnity will continue working on its long-term initiatives however, over the next few months of the pandemic, special focus will be placed on protecting elders and the vulnerable in our society.Our team are working hard to ensure that AgUnity is ready to play whatever role necessary in tackling the unprecedented global disruption facing us all.

It is fortunate that the work we have been doing for the past 4 years to alleviate poverty and improve food systems in the developing world can rapidly be adapted to this ever evolving situation, not only for developing world farmers but it can play a crucial role in developed countries as they navigate this crisis.Questions such as where can I get food from? Where can I get supplies from? How can I avoid shopping centers? And many more will become more common with each day the virus spreads. We welcome our role as industry leaders in adapting our existing technology to help address these questions; our critical functionality is ready to go, and we are eager to integrate educational services to the benefit of all. I am proud to say AgUnity is prepared to move quickly. When we understand what is required by our stakeholders and community, we will not hesitate to volunteer our considerable experience however it may be needed; to be steadfast in our commitments to our global community and to continue to support our industry with compassion, hope and great care for our shared future.

Stay healthy and prepared,

David Davies CEO

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