Digital Solutions for Female Coffee and Cocoa Farmers in Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Partner: Kopernik, Funder: United Nations Capital Development Fund, Funding mechanism: Women Enterprise Recovery Fund

Funder: USAID

Funding Mechanism: LASER (Long-term Assistance and Services for Research) PULSE (Partners for University-Led Solutions Engine)

Funder: Australia Direct Aid Program (Ghana)


Coffee and Cocoa


12 months (from July 2021 – ongoing)


We plan to deploy AgUnity solutions to 900 farmers which 70% is women farmers


AgUnity v3

Key Industry Fact

According to Indonesian Statistics, in 2020, Indonesia produced 762 thousand tons of coffee, almost all of the produce coming from individual smallholder farmers.

9 months
Project Type/Status
(Farmers, processors, importers)
T-Tag Traceability Devices
Smartphone & Super App
Key Industry Fact
40 to 50 million people
in the world depend on the cocoa industry as their source of income

Challenges we solve

The Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down Bali’s economy, where the majority of the population relies on the tourism sector. In the case of coffee and cocoa farmers, they are currently selling their products for very low prices because of the limited market access and resources to improve their harvest.

The absence of reliable digital tools that can be used by farmers and cooperatives creates a lack of connectivity to coffee marketing, trade, and export. The digital solutions from AgUnity provide a platform for the farmers to the group in an efficient and sustainable way to improve their planning and trading.

The AgUnity smartphone and digital platform enable farmers and cooperatives to improve trust and create better transactions, even without network coverage. Finally, coffee buyers will have a deeper insight into the origin of their coffee, allowing for a more connected decision-making process.


The deployment of AgUnity technology leads to the enhancement of trust, cooperation, productivity, and prosperity of the farmers. The objective is to improve several areas for female coffee and cocoa farmers in Indonesia, amongst others are:

project scope

The baseline assessment is conducted through a series of quantitative and qualitative approaches to 718 respondents in Bali during September 2021. The objective is to identify the technology use, transactional recording, financial management, and traceability of coffee value chain actors.

Training and Pre-Deployment: This phase included the training and deployment to youth farmers as AgChampions as well as user registration and verification processes.

The technical configuration of the digital app is finished and the deployment will start during harvest season (May-August).

AgUnity started by conducting meetings with country partners to establish process maps, key stakeholders, product users and other supply chain information. Site visits were undertaken to identify any context specific issues.

During development phase AgUnity set up a cloud-platform secured in Blockchain, loaded relevant updates to the AgUnity App and assigned a device to each actor in the supply chain. Training manuals for the products were developed and distributed during this phase.

Where required, assistance was provided to farmers and processors in the process of finding buyers, communicating supply chain and quality assurance improvements, which in turn returned higher prices for the commodity.


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