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AgUnity is launching a new enterprise to adapt our existing IP for tech solutions related to COVID-19 in developed & emerging markets.



"AgUnity will continue working on its long-term initiatives while special focus will be placed on protecting elders and the vulnerable in our society. It is fortunate that the work we have been doing for the past 4 years to alleviate poverty and improve food systems in the developing world can rapidly be adapted to this ever evolving situation, not only for developing world farmers but it can play a crucial role in developed countries as they navigate this crisis."



AgUnity is an award-winning Australian company that enables low-income farmers to lift themselves out of poverty, with a mobile and blockchain platform that improves communication, trust, and efficiency of food supply chains. The AgUnity platform has been developed over four years and deployed in seven countries in partnership with the world’s largest NGOs and ethical corporations.






AgUnity Phone & Farmer PNG
Male Farmer in Sierra Leone
Tari manages the drying cocoa beans at M
PNG Sorowosa Cocoa Bean Farmers
Farmer Training in PNG
The technology we have been deploying in emerging nations is now immensely relevant to enabling the safe sale and supply of fresh food during the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Our solution can be deployed in both modern cities and remote villages, and can play a meaningful role in alleviating a lot of hardship and suffering in 2020.
Our existing projects and people that already depend on us remain very important, and cannot be compromised. As such, we are raising separate funds for this new initiative, which may take time. We are looking for people who are happy to work for equity at first or a deferred payment (convertible note), and it may be some time before we can offer a market rate salary. We have set up a subsidiary company for this effort however, and your contributions will make you a part owner and founding member. As funding is secured, we will start converting the highest performing individuals to paying contracts.

If you’re looking to play an important role in the COVID-19 response, this is your opportunity to help save lives.


AgUnity is currently seeking expressions of interest to meet the demand of our COVID-19 work, with multiple roles on offer.


AgUnity Response is are currently offering investment and partnership opportunities for this new endeavour.