Manager - Investor Relations

Effective as of 06/04/2020

Employer:  AgUnity Response Pty Ltd 

Work Type/s :  Full Time, Part Time  

Classification/s:  I.T. & Communication Technology  

Sector/s: Business/Private 

Location: Remote 

Salary: Negotiated (+ESOP) 

Job posted on: 6th April 2020 

Applications close: 40 days from posting 



About Us 

AgUnity Response is an Australian-based start-up with industry-leading professionals assembling into a rapid response tactical team to immediately prototype and deploy an MVP for immediate trials into the field as part of a local and global COVID-19 mitigation strategy. 

AR is a subsidiary of AgUnity, an award-winning tech startup founded in 2016 and working to change the lives of the 1-billion-plus low-income farmers worldwide. AgUnity enables these farmers to lift themselves out of poverty with a mobile and blockchain platform that improves communication, trust, and efficiency of food supply chains. 

We are building our team and we’re looking for highly skilled and enthusiastic people to join the organisation. We have an awesome vision, glorious mission, established track-record, clear a solve-the-problem plan. 

About You 

ou are an industry leader or virtuoso up-and-comer in the impact startup scene. You are highly self-motivated and have established a strong network of investor connections. You relish financial modelling and pay exceptional detail to numbers. You are a savvy negotiator with excellent interpersonal skills, and have the ability to carefully manage relationships outside the company in the equity research and investor community. 

Skills & Experience 

  • Strong ownership ethic 

  • Drama-averse/no-nonsense focus to get-the-job-done 

  • A Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or accounting 

  • 5 or more years’ experience dealing with investors and a strong track record of creating positive relations with the investor community and Equity Research Analysts 

  • Strong understanding of ASIC laws and securities disclosure requirements, as well as filing requirements 

  • Deep knowledge and understanding of the capital markets, as well as a thorough understanding of key metrics for companies in the industry 

  • Intimately familiar with financial modelling techniques and valuation methods used by analysts and investors 

  • A strong understanding of macroeconomics, capital markets trends, competitor activities, industry dynamics, and customer trends 

  • A professional who is also entrepreneurial, and has a client-minded focus 

  • Must be able to perform in a high-pressure environment, and be able to meet tight deadlines 

  • Has superb written and verbal communication skills, as well as the ability to draft engaging and impactful messages for inspiring employees and investors 

Preferred Skills

An MBA or CFA certification is an asset.

Tasks at Hand

  • Develop investor confidence and belief in the company's vision and strategy for delivering shareholder value 

  • Develop a robust investor relations strategy and framework 

  • Create and manage a strong reputation by demonstrating consistent and clear communication between internal and external parties 

  • Manage equity research and investor relationships 

  • Provide insights on market activity and present them to the leadership team 

  • Analyse and present financial trends, competitor behaviour, shareholder issues, and anything else that could impact the business 

  • Responsible for overseeing and managing quarterly earnings and conference calls 

  • Work with legal counsel to ensure compliance on regulatory matters 


AgUnity is building a team of passionate people who care about making a difference; who are open to new ways of thinking; and who are creative, hard-working, and resilient. 

In this role you’ll be provided with the opportunity to lead, learn and evolve as part of a growing and diverse organisation. 


Joining a team with a mission to use technology to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 in both developed and emerging nations.  

Opportunity to become a founding team member and direct owner of a high-growth company. 

Working with a hugely diverse international team with an experience mix including agriculture, investment banking, international development, programming, finance, marketing and more. 

Be part of a fun, new, challenging, rewarding and life-saving initiative. 

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